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Gambling can make a considerable financial, social and personal impact on the life of a gambler. At Gordon House, we have articles and resources to help. Take action against problem gambling and take back control of your life.


Why Do People Gamble

Top Reasons Why People Gamble! For some Brits, gambling is a fun past-time, but for others, the very acct of wagering can become a destructive habit. Whatever its definition, […]

Govt. & Private Gambling Support

Where to look for Gambling Support. Govt and private gambling support programs and forums. However, some people become extremely addicted to gambling. The sounds, lights and bright images […]

UK Gambling Commission

UK’s Gambling Commission and Gambling Compliance The Gambling Act 2005, which created the Gambling Commission, overhauled legislation that had been put in place 162 years earlier: the Gaming […]

Gambling Addiction Help UK – Gordon House

Gamble for Fun – Don’t Make it a Means of Earning

A far higher percentage of gamblers believe that they can make a living through what is supposed to be purely a form of entertainment, however. If you’ve had even fleeting thoughts of quitting your day job to gamble full time, there’s a very good chance that you are a problem gambler. Widespread and popular though it may be in the UK, gambling is risky. Relying on it as a sole source of income is a surefire way to end up in way over your head… Read More

Misconceptions About Gambling

“Slot machines pay out at regular intervals,” goes the saying. This saying is one of the most common gambling mistakes. In reality, slot machines are programmed to be completely random. They are as likely to pay out each time someone plays as any other time someone plays. One can see the same misconception in the belief that a flipped coin will somehow be more likely to come up heads after being flipped 20 times in a row as tails…Read More

Gambling at Home: A Guide to Obeying Laws and Maintaining Relationships

Here in the United Kingdom, online gambling is available to anyone of legal age who wants to try their luck. Different countries have different regulations, for example, online casinos in Netherlands allow players above the age of 18 only.

So, online gambling makes it possible to enjoy the thrill of real risk — and perhaps win real money — any time and anywhere an Internet connection is available. With the constant availability of online gambling, though, the potential for addiction has become greater than ever. Few forms of entertainment could provide more fun than a hand of online poker or a few spins of online roulette wheel — in moderation. If you’d like to gamble online safely, allow us to give you a few pointers…Read More

Gambling Around the World

In 1665, all gambling was made illegal. In 1698, lotteries were made illegal, largely because those running them would claim one person would win in one area and another person in another area, which meant that they could get away with collecting lots of money in entries and paying out nothing because there was no efficient system of communication. Lord Beaconsfield was heard to remark that gambling was, “… a vast engine of national demoralization.”…Read More

Six Effective Strategies to Control Gambling Spending

While gaming and the national lottery provide important employment opportunities and a fun diversion, some individuals struggle with gambling intelligently. For over spenders, regular gambling can lead to financial stress, insolvency and even serious marital problems. That’s why it’s essential for those who struggle with gaming addictions to learn how to control gambling spend sprees and enjoy the casino experience without financial frustrations. Thankfully, doing so is a simple matter of mastering the art of controlled gambling…Read More