Gambling Odds of Various Gambling Systems

However, with this possibility of winning comes the very real probability of crushing defeat. The chance that a bet or a lottery ticket is a loser is significantly higher than the likelihood that it will win. To truly understand the probability of defeat, it is important to look at the specific gambling odds for each game.

Casino Games

Casino table games typically have better odds than slot machines or lottery cards, but much of this luck depends on the particular game.


Of all the table games, blackjack gives the player the best odds of winning in most casinos. A big part of this advantage is due to the player only facing the dealer and not the other players. All a player needs is a score that beats the dealer’s number and that does not go over 21. Memorizing a few rules about when to hit, split and stand will create even better odds. With all of these factors at play, the house edge over players is one percent, meaning that a knowledgeable player only has a 44-48 percent chance of winning every single hand.


The second-best casino game for players is craps with odds at about 50-50. Many players avoid this game because it looks intimidating with all the boxes on the table, but the bets are based on a dice roll and the luck of choosing the right number. In addition to this basic game, there are often complex side-bets and other gambling activities at the craps table to make the game more interesting and to provide higher stakes.


Many players choose the roulette wheel because it is easy to understand. A player chooses a favorite number, places a bet and waits for the wheel to spin. If the player’s number is called, the player wins at a pay-out of 35 to 1. Players can also choose to wager on simply red or black, the two wheel colors, giving them a 50-50 chance at winning; however, the prize is not as high with this type of bet, giving a pay-out at 1 to 1.


Baccarat does not involve any real skills or strategies. In this much lesser known game, the players bet on themselves, the banker or a tie before both sides draw cards. The banker is not really associated with the casino in this game. Whichever person has a card closer to 9 is the winner, but there can also be ties. Because most baccarat tables have higher bet limits than many of the other table games, this can be a much higher stakes game, even with odds advantages at just over 1 percent.

Slot Machines

The slot machines are very popular because there is no skill or thinking involved; a player simply puts money in the machine and pulls the handle. However, the slots have the lowest chance of winning. Most casinos earn two-thirds of their profits solely from the slot machines because the pay-outs are so slim. For a slot machine with five symbols, for example, the chance of hitting each symbol is one-fifth. Hitting all five at the same puts the odds of winning at just 0.16 percent.

Horse Racing and Other Sports

There are different methods of placing bets, facing odds and winning with each type of sport. However, there are a few sports that are most frequently used for gambling.

Horse Racing

With satellite feeds to locations all around the world, players can bet on horse races from nearly everywhere. There are three types of horse racing bets: a win, a place and a show. An across-the-board bet is one that chooses the same horse to win all three of these areas. The specific odds for winning a particular race or choosing the correct horse vary from race to race, and the odds are typically posted for the particular animals involved.

Boxing, Baseball and Other Sports

Much like horse racing, the specific gambling odds for each match or game will vary depending on the opponents and on previous contests. The sports books writers typically set these rates, and winning players always get back their bets plus a profit. A money line bet is one made simply on one team or player. Bets on an underdog are set to see more profit, but the risk is also much higher. Point spreads are used in most team sports to even the odds for both teams to closer to 50-50. However, the profit is often much less and may even be less than the original bet amount. Big pay-offs can be difficult to gain in this form of gambling.


Determining the odds of a win in bingo simply requires taking the number of playing cards and dividing it by the total number of cards in play by everyone participating. However, even with these mathematical odds, no bingo ball has a greater chance than any other to come up during the game. The odds of any person getting a bingo in a game is about 14 percent, but that can vary according to the number of cards in play.


There are many different forms of the lottery, including scratch-off tickets and jackpot lotteries. In general, the odds for each prize are wildly different. The chances of winning back the cost of a scratch-off from the card itself are significantly higher than those of winning a significant profit. The odds of winning the largest jackpots, such as the EuroMillions Jackpot, are 1 in 116 million. The popularity of the Lotto makes the chances of winning approximately 1 in 14 million, even though weekly winners are guaranteed. Luckily, with more than 520 licensed lotteries in the UK, there are many different options.

The important thing to remember when doing any type of gambling is that although the odds may seem to be as good as 50-50, a player can be in the losing 50 percent many, many times in a row before falling into the winning category. With very little knowledge or skill required for gambling, nearly every game is left to chance.